Before Submission Guidelines

14 September 2023

Review Process Airo Journals are Open Access and we allow every scholar to submit their research papers/article on our website for the purpose of publication with full belief and trust. Research Students / Scholars/authors, who publish paper or articles in Airo International Journal or Airo National Research Journal, are legally responsible for their content and references in research paper. Airo Journals are not responsible for any legal liabilities. Research scholar/author has to get their research paper content checked with their experts/supervisor/guide. In future if any question or objection occurs regarding copied content, patent, real author ownership, academic or technical questioning then Airo Journal will have right to remove its paper or reject the paper from the website In the review process, if any deficiency/ irrelevancy/copyright issue/irrelevant reference/citation issue is found in the research paper/article then such research papers are immediately removed/rejected from our website